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Explorer Belt

The Explorer Belt is one of scouting's toughest challenges, both physically and mentally! The Explorer Belt takes place every summer in a different European country with little information being made available to the participants prior to the event. Despite it being challenging, it has provided scouts with so many brilliant memories as well as making them more self aware and confident. Any scout who has taken part in this challenge has gained so much.

The basic elements of the Scouting Ireland 2009 Explorer Belt are as follows;

1. Ten to twelve days of travelling covering a minimum of 200km of countryside through towns and villages.

2. 200km must take place by hiking, and an additional 100km may be travelled using certified public transport.

3. Keeping a log of your journey and experiences.

4. Completing a number of compulsory projects assigned to you by the expedition Team.

5. Living on a limited budget.